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About Us

Whatever the size, or the stage that you are at with your wellbeing journey, Mindset will help with solutions to improve and sustain good mental wellbeing through developing a mental health strategy for your organisation.

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Poor mental health in the workplace costs UK employers up to £45 billion per year. Our training and consultancy services can help you promote and maintain a healthy workplace, minimise the impact of mental ill-health on your business, and help all employees thrive at work.


Problems with mental health can affect a person’s ability to learn, work productively, socialise and live long, healthy lives. Learning, working productively and socialising are all integral to the life of a student, and if left untreated can have severe consequences to their education.

Children and Young People

1 in 9 children develop a mental health problem and it takes on average 10 years from their very first symptoms to receive help. By teaching essential mental health awareness, we can reduce that 10-year wait and shape a world where children know it’s okay not to be okay.

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What our clients say

Fantastic course delivered by an even more fantastic trainer 🙂

Secondary SENCO

What our clients say

Very informative, useful and practical. Ellice’s delivery was excellent. Thank you!

Secondary teacher

What our clients say

Fab course, really insightful and one of the best I have been on – Ellice was fab!

Secondary teacher

What our clients say

I thought that the course was very informative and that Ellice was excellent! Would highly recommend it.

Secondary teacher

What our clients say

Ellice was very knowledgeable, very helpful and funny!

Secondary teacher

What our clients say

A brilliantly lead course that solidified my understanding of mental health issues with young people. The delivery was confident and compassionate. Would highly recommend for other schools.

What our clients say

We asked Ellice to deliver a presentation on wellbeing to our large and diverse team of Franchisees & Franchisors. Our brief was a tad sketchy as we ourselves were grasping with how best to support our network in an often stressful and sometimes lonely position as a self-employed business people. Ellice put together an incredibly engaging and accessible presentation with numerous attendees commenting on how much they took from what Ellice shared with them. Furthermore, our events were multiple and held across the country with contrasting audience sizes. Ellice was able to communicate effectively with our team regardless of whether part of an audience that was 15 strong or 150. Our team took an awful lot away from Ellice and our business has gained some valuable kudos with its members as a result of having Ellice as part of our event. I can highly recommend her.

WOW World Group

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