Since our turbulent ‘coronacoaster’ started, Mindset have been working on a self-care pack with our NHS heroes in mind that is specifically designed to promote their mental health and immunity.

While self-care may not be their top priority at this time, it is important to remember: you can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care is vital to maintain not just our mental wellbeing but also our physical wellbeing. If we do not get enough sleep, our immune system is inhibited. If we do not get the nutrition we need, we are more likely to become depressed. If we become chronically stressed, we are more likely to get type 2 diabetes, heart disease or suffer a stroke. And of course, if we are tired, sick, depressed or stressed then it affects our productivity at work. All of which is vital for our frontline NHS staff who are tirelessly looking after us in our time of need.

Our self-care packs have 5 core gifts that are there to promote the mental health and immunity of our keyworkers. These include:

  1. Tea: known for reducing your stress hormone cortisol
  2. Sleep mask: sleep is vital for both mental health and physical health (see our previous blog post on sleep)
  3. Nutritious snack and smoothie: over 90% of your serotonin or ‘happy hormone’ comes from your gut
  4. Water bottle: water is essential for brain function and mood
  5. Cosmetics: face wash and moisturisers are there to help relieve the skin after wearing PPE and continuous handwashing but alongside a hot bath or shower will reduce stress

While this token could never amount to how much they deserve, we hope it brings some relief, both during and after their long shifts that can be so physically and emotionally draining.

Soon, we will have donated over 1000 self-care packs to critical care workers to London hospitals. After such a wonderful response, we are committed to continuing this project for as long as possible! If you are a company interested in donating to our campaign or a hospital in need of our support then please get in touch.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for donating their products or services to our campaign. Without you we would not have done it so thank you from the bottom of our heart.